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Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.00 r2 - MT6739 support, SPUnlock and more

Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v2.00 r2 - MT6739 support, SPUnlock and more

More details about current release:

- Main
MT6739 CPU supported!
MT6739 moved from TEST to GENERAL support.
Firmwware read
Firmware write
NVRAM read
NVRAM write
Reset Settings / Format FS
Reset FRP
Reset Privacy

- MemoryTool
Fixed PMT init on some devices
Optimized Expand/Collapse view functions
Fixed DA1804 and DA1712 loaders support for WIPE
Optimized NAND support

- Service
NVRAM module updated
.dynamic page detection
.some types support fixed
.repair security ( security type detection ) updated
FormatFS / Reset settings rebuild
.Activated fully automatic "FULL FACTORY" mode, designed for all modern devices ( include devices with SEC_CONTROL )
."FULL FACTORY" mode set to default
.Some "OLD" agents (DA15xx) may not work

- SP Unlock activated
Support all MTK modern phones, except MT6763 and MT6739.
Read codes and Direct Unlock mode supported
MT6570 eMMC ONLY devices supported

- Core
Fixed memory leak issues and problems with booting on some systems
Optimized different OLD agents support for MODERN devices ( DA16xx and DA17xx line )
SW more faster now
EMI handler for MT6570 and MT6797 fully automated and complete
Improved EMI lookup support for MT675x devices
EMIDB updated
Hint/Error explain module updated
MT6758 support under test
MT6771 support under test

- Flasher
Fixed break issue, when just one file selected for flashing.
HWInfo compatibility status shown in log in both cases ( succes or failed )

- FW reader
MT6739 support
New types of firmwares supported
Optimized NAND reading on DA18xx line loaders
Read Firmware size now shown in log

- New models included
Limited MEIZU support
Limited Oppo support
Limited Gionee support
Limited BQ support
Some basic "generic" secure devices support optimized

Known issues/warnings/info :
1. [NAND on MT6570] v1712,v1736 loader packages NOT SHOULD BE USED! Since they have ftl/ecc errors!
In result you will give read/write FW errors and rest problems at all.
Recommend use v1724 for FACTORY FW flashing, v18xx line for Infinity FW Flash Read and Write
2. [NAND on MT6570] In some cases "stuck on logo" devices can be fixed only via FFU (whole flash) format!
3. [MEMORY TOOL] Partitions state on MEMORY TOOL will be empty in MT6570 NAND phones, it is normal and cannot be fixed.
Read-Write data, which you want, ignore "EMPTY" states.
4. ADL checksum MAY NOT WORK CORRECT on MT6570 NAND devices! Result - stuck after system/userdata partition flashing
5. FileSystem flashing on some SBC-enabled devices ( except SYSTEM/CACHE/USER ) may fail! Solution - exclude them from flashing list.
6. Cheap MT6739 devices require BATTERY REMOVING after EVERY operation in most cases!
7. Meizu support is limited by Preloader Level ( No BROM SLA ) - you must UNTICK "PMT Update" and "PRELOADER" partition from flashing list!

Скачать http://dl1.infinity-box.com/download..._v2.0 0-r2.7z
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